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In Luxembourg since 2020, we are a trust worthy partner for who’s looking for a trully unique experience since 2006. Fully created, manufactured and developed in Portugal, Dhika already has a vast experience in the textile sector.

We revolutionized the clothing and sports products market in order to achieve innovative and quality products, always thinking about our customers, in order to provide them with all they need for their sports activities.

We bet on exclusive models, adapted to each client, with innovative design, always striving for the comfort and durability of each of the pieces we create.

Developed and designed for dynamic and modern men and women, driven by their passion for sports, we have managed to make each equipment unique and properly tested to improve the sports performance of each athlete.

With the arrival of Dhika, the limits of creativity in the manufacture of sports equipment has ended.

Reach out to us. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll help you with what your searching and we’re guaranteed to find what you need.

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